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                                STERLING SILVER JEWELRY CARE

The chemical properties of silver are very active, so it will react with sulfur dioxide in the air to form black silver sulfide. When the surface of silver jewelry is oxidized and blackened, the following maintenance methods can be used to restore the beautiful luster of silver.

1. Add baking soda to clean water and wipe.

2. Use silver cloth and silver cream to wipe ( general jewelry stores should be available to buy, Note: silver cloth contains special potion, can not be washed ).

3.Wipe the jewelry with a soft cloth dipped in toothpaste, then rinse with clean water and wipe clean with cotton cloth.

4. Soak in silver washing water, rinse with water, wipe with cotton cloth, and keep dry.However, it is suggested to use silver washing water as little as possible, because silver washing water is a chemical product and uses corrosion of silver washing water to clean the silver jewelry, which will cause damage to the silver jewelry after long-term use.

At last, suggest that silver jewelry should avoid contact with seawater, perfume, hot spring, etc., if not worn, can be put into the container of air isolation, such as flannelette pouch or jewelry box, can make your silver jewelry as new!